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My exciting brush with Eastern European sexy man

I was walking in the Lorimer St./Metropolitan Ave subway station today and I came within inches of this man:

You may not know him or find him sexy, but I've developed the most bizarre infatuation with him. See the movie Everything is Illuminated or listen to his band Gogol Bordello. You might understand then.

I nearly shat myself because I was soaked from the torrential downpour outside and looked disgusting.

I hope I bump into him again.

I love him. I love you Eugene Hutz.

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Yeah, I've been sucked into BPAL as well.

For trades/swaps/organization, I'm keeping this list on here and will be updated.
* = available for trade/sale (best offer)

All Saints '05 (1/3)*
Budding Moon (full)
Parlement of Foules (2/3)*
Premature Burial (full)*
Snow Moon (1/3)
Snow Moon (full)
Venus (1/3)

Absinthe (jbl) *
Budding Moon
Black Lotus (jbl) *
Dragon Moon
Fire Eater
Hell's Belle
The Jabberwocky
Jazz Funeral
Montresor (x2)

TAL Decant

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So I had this really vivid dream last night. It all had to do with family and work. At some points, I'd run into random people from my family (my cousin Brigid, who was smoking even though she doesn't smoke) and work (specifically this coworker Gabe, who was acting all affectionate toward me, and I introduced him to my friend Jamie).

Anyway, the real meat of the dream was when I was visiting my half-sister for her birthday. I dreamed that I was in a class room setting and that I was late, so I had to do "something else" besides celebrate her birthday. At one point, I was in a bathroom stall and this one girl would keep peeking over to look at me and I was like "Stop it!" and then finally, my grandma Judge (no relation to my half-sister Colleen) told me to go in the closet and I could think about what to get Colleen for her birthday. It turned out the closet was full of a bunch of things that she had when she was a baby. And there were also a lot of books. For some reason, I wanted to look up the word "elixer" in the dictionary. Anyway. In one of the drawers, I found a pair of ski pants so I was like "Maybe I should get Colleen a pair of ski pants for her birthday" So I told my grandma this and she gave me money and gave me directions to the store.

It was a long walk. It started off being like the road down the hill like at my old college Marymount. But, finally, I ended up in this town that reminded me of the towns in Vermont. I went into a Gap and I couldn't find any ski pants there. But I found a cute sweater that I would like in real life. So I left there, and I walked down further, and I ended up at this cross street and a field, so I decided to take a left at the cross street. and I ended up in this really murkey swamp. So, I waded through the swamp (which went down hill, so I guess it wasn't really a "swamp" it was just mushy ground) at one point, I had to step over a dead body. And by the time I waded through the swamp, I was in this really gray place. And an Asian girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to pass through and I told her yes (at this point, I was with my dog Oliver and a few other people, even though I started off alone). So she guides us through, and I start to notice that there are Scandinavian Trolls that are petrified against the sides of the roads (at the time, I didn't know what they were, all I could think was "Oh my god, these are people killers!"). and I was like "Holy shit" and she kind of just left us at a cross roads and a few doors. Each of the doors were located up hill, with an enormous amount of Scandinavian trolls covering the path to them. And I was like "wtf, what should I do?" So, finally, I decided to allow my dog Oliver to choose a path, and lo and behold, when he went up a hill, a TROLL CAME TO LIFE and took him behind a door and tied him to a chair and I was like "OH SHIT" and I kind of just stayed put and didn't know what to do. I ended up pacing back and forth where it was safe, until I randomly found two doors with no handles, and they weren't surrounded by any trolls, so I figured I had nothing to lose. So I pushed through the doors, and I ended up in a really fancy hotel lobby (red carpets, chandeliers). and I was like "Hey, I found the way out" so I went back in to the Troll place and I told everyone. And I was like "Hey, was this a ride or something?" and the Asian lady came back and said that it was. And I was like "Can i have my dog back?" and she opened the door that he was being held behind, but he wasn't there. and then I was like "Where's Oliver" and he appeared, but he was like, rabid or something. And he tried to attack people. And then I woke up.

It was so so so weird. Every element of it. And if you don't know what a Scandinavian troll is, I googled a picture of them...
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They all looked JUST like that in my dream. And I don't think I've seen one of those in a loooong time.

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I've been writing papers non-stop. So I think I have a lot to say about things lately. I don't know if it's procrastination or if I'm just getting into the hammering-away-at-the-keyboard swing of things.

Funny story... I just finished a paper on Cicero and now I'm starting research for my Bartleby the Scrivener paper and the very first article to pop up in the database is entitled "Cicero's Head in Melville's 'Bartleby the Scrivener'", I should so use that, even though I don't really know if it's relevent to my topic.

Hey, I have a question for you grammar people. I'm coming to terms with the fact that puncuation marks (periods, question marks, commas, etc.) go inside quotations. But what if you're using the quotation marks for a title of an article like I just did? That comma up there... Should it go inside or outside the quotes? I think it should go outside. But, then again, I was always convinced that punctuation should go outside anyway. It looks weird inside. It really does.


And weird. The girl using the computer next to me just said "I'm going to run to the bathroom... do you mind if I leave my stuff here?" What does that mean, exactly? Is she asking me to watch her stuff? Or to make sure no one steals her computer? I just said "Oh, go ahead." and I guess I'll do both things.

God, my stomach hurts.

Aaaaand, I just deleted a bunch of people. I went entirely delete-happy so I may have made a few mistakes, so if you think I did by mistake/you still want to read, let me know.

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There's a good chance that none of you could not care less about this, but I just found THE handbag that I've been searching for.

For the past, like, 10 months or so, I've been dead set on getting a LeSportsac bag, just because. But, I've been holding out on a cute print. Just like, 5 minutes ago, I went to their website and they have the cutest, cutest, cutest print ever.

Now I just need to figure out which kind of bag I should get.

I'm thinking either this...



They're all pretty much the same price.

Hrmph. You all wish you have the same life-altering decisions that I do.

Selling out.

Being that I have quite a few more expenses than I'm used to now that I actually own my own car and pay my own insurance, I've been thinking of ways to make more money while I'm not actually at work. I've decided to make crafts and sell them on etsy.com.

Take a look at my shop: http://velouria.etsy.com/

If you like my things, let me know! I want feedback. The button thing came to me randomly, and I'm thinking of making it a theme (scarves with buttons, etc) because now I have an over-abundance of them.

If you make crafts or knit or anything like that (even photography) and you have an interest in selling your things, you should open up a shop on etsy.com, too. I've seen things like iPod Monsters posted on there, as well as photo prints and drawings.

Anyway. I'm done whoring myself. I'm still sick :\