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03 January 2006 @ 10:31 pm
Selling out.  
Being that I have quite a few more expenses than I'm used to now that I actually own my own car and pay my own insurance, I've been thinking of ways to make more money while I'm not actually at work. I've decided to make crafts and sell them on etsy.com.

Take a look at my shop: http://velouria.etsy.com/

If you like my things, let me know! I want feedback. The button thing came to me randomly, and I'm thinking of making it a theme (scarves with buttons, etc) because now I have an over-abundance of them.

If you make crafts or knit or anything like that (even photography) and you have an interest in selling your things, you should open up a shop on etsy.com, too. I've seen things like iPod Monsters posted on there, as well as photo prints and drawings.

Anyway. I'm done whoring myself. I'm still sick :\